We’re Forging The Backbone Of A Digital Financial Empire

Empowering billions worldwide, with REUR, RXAU, & ROYAL, we’re pioneering the largest stablecoin ecosystem, catering to individuals, businesses, and developers alike.

A Royal Digital Dollar, Unlocking Endless Possibilities

RXAU and RUSD ignite a global network, empowering businesses and innovators to redefine the possibilities of money transfer.

Experience Stability With Our Stablecoin, Backed 100% By Transparent Proof Of Reserve

Our innovative proof of reserve process, supported by cutting-edge technologies and the expertise of a Global Organization, ensures comprehensive transparency through blockchain recording via the Decentralized Oracle Node (DoN).

Unlocking the Future of Digital Token Success


RIB Digital tokens provide high liquidity on tier one exchanges, allowing traders to take advantage of opportunities swiftly


Integrating RIB Digital tokens allows merchants to offer various purchasing options to customers


RIB Digital tokens are essential within the digital token ecosystem, boasting the highest trading activity in terms of 24-hour volume


What is REUR?

The Royal Euro (REUR) stablecoin, Euro cash reserves at a 1:1 ratio, achieving 100% cash collateralization verifiable on-chain in real-time, REUR operates under a full segregation of assets framework, managed through Verified Reserve Fund Deployment (VRFD) overseen by international tier one banks. This stablecoin will serve as the foundational collateral for the creation of two additional stablecoins – the Royal Dollar (ROYAL) and the Royal Gold (RXAU) Stablecoin.

What is ROYAL?

The Royal Dollar is a stablecoin bound to the USD, using Royal Euro stablecoins (REUR) as collateral. REUR is fully backed by 100% Euro cash deposited by the Royal Investment Bank Group in top-tier 1 international banks, establishing bank-grade security and stability.

What is RXAU?

Royal Gold is a stablecoin backed by REUR collateral and pegged to the international market Euro price of one troy ounce gold.

What is RIBG?

RIBG, a leading financial institution, specializes in traditional finance and emerging digital assets markets.With a focus on regulatory compliance and technological innovation, we offer integrated investment banking services, develop stable coin technology, facilitate remittance activities and digital asset trading

How do RIB stablecoin Work?

REUR is a stablecoin backed by 100% Euro cash reserves and managed through smart contracts on DLT. It provides transparency, compliance, and security and operates under a full segregation of assets framework. The technology execution of REUR includes Multi-Party Computation (MPC), independent minters, and specialized protocols to ensure compliance. It is accessible to counter-parties onboarded through rigorous compliance procedures, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards. The stablecoin is distributed through on-chain registration and off-chain compliance mechanisms and facilitates liquidity through liquidity providers.

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