What Are Royal Tokens &
How Do They Work?

REUR has ready Euro cash reserves to support its minting that will be locked in international tier-one banks such as Deutsche Bank AG, The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, and Barclays.

REUR, commonly known as stablecoins, ensures price stability by being pegged to a fiat currency, providing traders, merchants, and funds with a reliable solution for navigating market volatility.

Each RIB token is to a corresponding fiat currency at a 1:1 ratio (e.g., 1 ROYAL equals 1 USD) and is fully supported by bank-grade proof of reserves that are on-chain real-time verifiable.

Empowering Confidence With REUR

REUR represents a pivotal leap forward in the stablecoin arena by tackling a crucial issue: ensuring trust in the collateral supporting every minted stablecoin.

This groundbreaking advancement introduces a dynamic verification process, executed in real-time on a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform.

Users can trust in the stability and reliability of REUR-backed transactions.

Banking-Grade Quality

With an unwavering commitment to banking-grade quality, REUR stands poised to revolutionize on-chain settlement and payment solutions within the blockchain ecosystem.

By upholding the integrity of collateral in real-time, REUR optimizes transaction processes, ensuring seamless and secure settlements.

As it bridges the divide between trust and technology, REUR marks the dawn of a new era characterized by stability, transparency, and unwavering confidence in the stablecoin market.

Beyond Traditional Exchanges

Unlike conventional stablecoins, REUR extends its utility beyond digital asset exchanges.

It is a robust settlement asset for on-chain transactions, offering innovative solutions for corporate treasury management, cash management activities, liquidity funding, and refinancing solutions.

It’s adherence to compliance standards ensures reliability and trustworthiness in the digital asset ecosystem.