The digital asset world is witnessing a monumental shift with the introduction of the Royal Gold stablecoin, symbolized as RXAU. This innovative stablecoin, brought forth by the esteemed Royal Investment Bank Group, is setting new benchmarks in terms of collateralization, trust, and transparency. The Royal Gold stablecoin is a testament to the possibilities of modern finance, merging the timeless value of gold with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Core Features of Royal Gold Stablecoin

At the heart of the Royal Gold stablecoin lies a robust operational framework that ensures stability, trust, and widespread adoption. By forming strategic partnerships with reputable liquidity providers, Royal Gold achieves high liquidity levels, accessibility, and seamless market integration. This innovative stablecoin is issued across various public blockchains, fostering interoperability and facilitating a myriad of USD-denominated transactions.

A unique redemption process is another cornerstone of the Royal Gold stablecoin, allowing for the seamless conversion of RXAU into fiat currency through licensed channels. This process not only upholds regulatory compliance but also reinforces user confidence in the digital asset.

Transformative Impact and Operational Framework

The transformative impact of Royal Gold is underpinned by its operational framework. This includes a seamless redemption process and the ability to redeem stablecoins for a one troy ounce 22kt purity physical gold coin. This feature not only positions Royal Gold as a stablecoin but also as a reliable store of value, offering users diverse options for wealth preservation and asset allocation.

Unique Proof of Reserve Mechanism

The Royal Gold stablecoin introduces a unique proof of reserve mechanism, distinguishing itself as a premier “digital asset backed” stablecoin. This innovative approach to collateralization involves allocating a predetermined amount of Euro fiat currency, securely held in top-tier international banks. These funds are blocked and segregated to facilitate the minting of Royal Euros, issued at a 1:1 ratio against the held Euros. The transparent reporting of these reserves ensures unprecedented transparency and trust in the Royal Gold stablecoin.

Full Collateralization and Security

The hallmark of the Royal Gold is its full collateralization, which eliminates the need for market sales to validate proof of reserves for stablecoins. This strategy provides a solid and secure foundation for the stablecoin, setting it apart in the digital asset space. The Royal Investment Bank Group’s treasury wallet plays a crucial role in this ecosystem, connected to a server that dynamically mints and burns Royal Gold in response to gold price fluctuations, under the Constant Price Impact Ratio (CPIR) mechanism.


The Royal Gold stablecoin represents a significant advancement in stablecoin technology, offering an innovative approach to collateralization, regulatory compliance, and transparency. With features like the option to redeem for physical gold, multi-chain interoperability, and a robust proof of reserves mechanism, Royal Gold stands out as a compelling choice for users and investors seeking stability, reliability, and diversification in the digital asset market. As the digital asset landscape continues to evolve, the Royal Gold stablecoin emerges as a secure and transparent alternative, heralding a new era of digital finance.