United Kingdom, 14th Mar 2024, King NewsWire – The RIB Group Holdings Ltd. (“RIB Group”) is set to revolutionize stablecoins with the imminent launch of the Royal Dollar (Symbol: ROYAL) and Royal Gold (Symbol: RXAU) stablecoins in Q3 of this year. Representing a breakthrough in bank-grade fiat-guaranteed stablecoins, the Royal Stablecoins address long-standing challenges of trust, transparency, and real-time collateral verification.

Royal Dollar (ROYAL) Royal Gold (RXAU)

Crafted with precision in an asset segregation framework, the RIB Group ensures the separation of operational activities and stablecoin reserves. Reserve information will be fed onto the blockchain in real time through Chainlink’s Decentralized Oracle Node (DoN).

Facilitated by the innovative “Verified Reserve Fund Deployment” held in custody of tier-one banks, the Royal Dollar introduces a groundbreaking 1:1 backing with Euro cash, ensuring perpetual overcollateralization of between 8% to 9%with 100% cash backing, a feature distinct from other stablecoins. As for the Royal Gold stablecoin, it is pegged to 1 T/Oz of gold spot price and enables global gold deposits for stablecoin minting and physical gold coin redemption. The stablecoins will launch on MaalChain, Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, and Avalanche blockchains, transforming transactions and addressing market gaps with enhanced transparency.

In collaboration with industry leaders such as Tijarah Holding Ltd and AI Green Bubble Sdn. Bhd., along with regulated partners like GC Global Finance, the RIB Group has curated a team to spearhead stablecoin development, setting new standards in proof of reserves within the Web3 sector.

The Royal Dollar and Royal Gold offer unparalleled real-time verification and on- chain transparency for proof of reserves. Positioned to redefine stability benchmarks, these stablecoins are poised to transform global trade settlement, netting systems, and digital financial instruments.

As they debut on major blockchains, the Royal stablecoins are expected to address market gaps, providing faster, more efficient, and inclusive payment options while injecting liquidity into digital asset markets worldwide. The RIB Group’s commitment to excellence positions these stablecoins as beacons of reliability and integrity in the evolving digital finance landscape.